Sunday, December 7, 2008

Yes Tom Carson, There is a Santa Claus!!!

Tom and I were flying home from a great Thanksgiving at my Sister & Brother-in-law's in Denver. The airport was fairly quiet, as we arrived early for departure. With a bit of a wait, I mused as Santa Claus came and sat (with his wife, undoubtedly Mrs. Santa) in the row just in front of us.

It was delightful to see the faces on the people arriving at our gate. As their gaze scanned the horizon, Tom and I could see a grin appear on their faces as they de-boarded the plane and noticed who was sitting at the gate. In particular the children who looked at him with a measure of Joy and disbelief together.

I chuckled as this kind Santa Claus was prepared with candy from his travel tote for each child that approached with parents in hand, for a hug, a smile and HO, HO, HO.

Tom, who has just started saying "oh brother, mom" when I ask if he still believes in Santa, got to watch the reaction of kids and adults alike.

We both felt the reality of the Christmas Spirit that Santa stands for. It was undeniable as we saw the abundance of Spirit in each traveler who passed him on their journey.

At one point I turned to Tom and asked: "so are you really too old to believe in Santa?"...He just rolled his eyes, but watching the good-will beam across Tom's face as he looked on was priceless!

When we got settled back in at home, I found that he had taken this picture with my phone.