Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Grand Cross-roads

My heart is peeled open this week.

I've learned a lifetime's worth of lessons: staying present in my ability to love, and to remain open and completely vulnerable from moment to moment. Without vulnerability, the opportunity for seeing doors that open you to other worlds are mute. Yet I was still ill-prepared for how violently the heart can be blown open...never ceasing to leave me breathless.

I chose to look where I wanted to avoid, to feel beyond my own self-preservation, to surrender the past to present, and to love a sacred love without contract. Kind of scary for a guarded heart, waiting in silence for her time to fly.

God stood behind me and literally breathed me Faith without regard to outcome. Showed me how He does it, I felt my body fill with light and the Heavens shake for my good and His Glory...still open...still peeled for a worthy cause.

The above artwork is a Victor Skrebneski photograph of Vanessa Redgrave.
-Copyright Victor Skrebneski